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Thymuskin® SCLERO discret helps care for your dry and itching skin. With its high-dose and patented active complex GKL-02, it is extremely effective in the area of skin regeneration and stabilization. Thymuskin® SCLERO discret is offered in a 50ml (Net wt. 1.68 fl oz.) tube.

  • Intimate Care For Dry, Itching Skin
  • Care For Lichen Sclerosus
  • Regenerates & Stabilizes The Skin
  • The Gentle Alternative (Bovin Free, Paraben Free, Dye And Perfume Free)
  • Applicable For Women And Men
  • Free From Side Effects

The renewability and the rate of cell division already decrease in the late twenties. Due to the aging process, dermal elasticity, the proportion of fat tissue and the ability to bind moisture decrease. The dry skin is often prone to irritation and itching. It becomes increasingly thinner and more sensitive. The regular care with Thymuskin Sclero discret reduces itching, stabilizes, regenerates and normalizes the state of the skin.

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory, non-infectious condition of the vulva. All age groups are affected. The clinical symptoms are characterised by itching, burning, pain in general and painful sexual intercourse. Lichen sclerosus patients have a highly sensitive, irritable vulva skin. Choosing the right therapy and care is of decisive importance.

Optimum care of the intimate zone between the flare-ups

Thymuskin Sclero discret proves to be optimal skin care for the genital area in genital Lichen sclerosus of women and men (pimosis). With regard to a possible skin irritant effect, the creme is classified as harmless even on very sensitive skin.

Regenerating Properties

The GKL-02 thymic peptide complex contained in Thymuskin Sclero discret cream is not of animal origin and has a skin-caring and regenerating effect on the upper layers of the skin.

The right skin care is crucial during the relapse-free intervals

During the relapse-free intervals, however, the local care plays a decisive role. An application observation of the skin clinic Darmstadt1 showed promising results of an accompanying therapy with non-animal thymic peptides: in more than 71% of the cases Thymuskin Sclero discrete showed a decrease of itching, burning and also sclerosis. Relapse-free intervals were therefore able to be extended. Local adverse reactions were not observed.

Highly effective - No Side Effects

Thymuskin Sclero discret combines a highly effective intimate care, free of any side effects. "Analog good results, compared to the calcineurin inhibitors, were made with the approach using a thymic peptide-active agent (Thymuskin Sclero discret Intimate Care Cream)."2


As required apply the creme evenly to the concerned external areas.



THYMUSKIN® SCLERO discret is free of parabens, dyestuff & perfume. With thymic peptides of non- animal orgin.

  1. M. Hagedorn, S. Polley, E. Hasche: Behandlung und Pflege von genitalem Lichen sclerosus, 2008
  2. Enzyklopädie der Dermatologie, Allergologie, Umweltmedizin, Altemeyer & Paech, 2.Auflage 2010


Please note: This information represents the current status. Formulas are subject to development and can change. For external use only, keep out of the reach of children.

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  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Melinda Champion on 12th Oct 2022

    Since finding Sclero discret creme I have stopped having to use the steroid cream. I love this product.

  • 5
    Perfect job

    Posted by J on 3rd Nov 2021

    I was desperate to finally use something with relief and actual results. This stuff works.

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